F.A.Q - Upholstery

Q. Is it true that once you have had your carpet/suite cleaned they get dirtier quicker?

A. This was true many years ago when cleaning by shampoo was the normal way owners tackled their carpets themselves. Chemicals and Cleaning Machines are much more sophisticated these days and providing cleaners follow laid down procedures this rapid resoiling shouldn’t take place.

Q. How long will my carpet/furniture take to dry?

A. Drying times for carpets and soft furnishings can vary greatly due to the following conditions:

  • Relative humidity within the environment.
  • Adequate ventilation introduced to the environment.
  • The degree of soil contained within the carpet or fabric.
  • The moisture retention rates of the respective fibres
    (Wool, Nylon, Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene, etc.)

Regardless of all the above, the drying of soft furnishings should be achieved within twenty-four hours. In the most favourable conditions this drying time can be considerably less.