F.A.Q - Carpet Cleaning

Q. Is it true that once you have had your carpet/suite cleaned they get dirtier quicker?

A. This was true many years ago when cleaning by shampoo was the normal way owners tackled their carpets themselves. Chemicals and Cleaning Machines are much more sophisticated these days and providing cleaners follow laid down procedures this rapid resoiling shouldn’t take place.

Q. How long will my carpet/furniture take to dry?

A. Drying times for carpets and soft furnishings can vary greatly due to the following conditions:

  • Relative humidity within the environment.
  • Adequate ventilation introduced to the environment.
  • The degree of soil contained within the carpet or fabric.
  • The moisture retention rates of the respective fibres
    (Wool, Nylon, Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene, etc.)

Regardless of all the above, the drying of soft furnishings should be achieved within twenty-four hours. In the most favourable conditions this drying time can be considerably less.

Q. Will my carpet shrink?

A. Upon arrival on site the cleaning technician should inspect the carpet prior to any cleaning taking place. During this inspection any risk of potential shrinkage can be identified and discussed with you. It may be that the carpet fittings are not secure and require correction. Some carpets are more prone to shrinkage and may have to be cleaned by an alternative method but this would be thoroughly discussed with the client before any work proceeds.

Q. Does the room have to be clear?

A. No, but it does help if any breakable items (i.e. China, glassware etc.) are removed from the room including those inside cabinets that will have to be moved. It would also help the technician if small items of furniture are also removed, such as waste paper bins, paper racks etc. The technician will then move the items, clean and put the back in position placing protector pads beneath the item if necessary to prevent staining from loose wood dye or rust from metal studs under the legs transferring onto the carpet.

Q. Will all the stains come out?

A. Most marks will come out during the cleaning process. Some of the more difficult dye stains may need some specialist treatment to deal with them. Any success at removing these types of stains is often diminished by home remedies that have already been tried before the technician is called out to deal with them.

The technician will know the fibre content of the carpet/fabric and if the stain can be identified an outcome may be predicted.

We cannot garuentee that all stains can be removed, but we will always try our best.

Q. What system do you use to clean carpets?

A. We use the appropriate system to clean your carpet to achieve an excellent result, safely. Some carpets need to be cleaned using low moisture systems whilst others benefit from a deeper clean.

Q. I have black lines all around the edge of my carpet, will they come out?

A. It depends on the severity of the black marks. A professional cleaning technician should be able to significantly improve the appearance, however the source of the problem needs to be dealt with to prevent the staining returning.

Q. The areas in front of settee and armchairs are very dirty; can you get it all out?

A. The dirt can be removed but continual foot movement from all the people who use the furniture will have damaged the carpet fibres. This abrasion will cause a difference in light reflection giving the appearance of light soiling.