Q. Do you use chemicals to clean?

A. Every cleaning system uses some form of chemical to clean soft furnishings, water is a chemical and forms the basis of most cleaning solutions. A good experienced cleaning technician will be using safe chemicals and will rinse the items to make sure that no chemical residues remain within the fibres.

Q. Someone in the house suffers from an allergy will the cleaning chemicals be a problem?

A. Carpet cleaning methods rely mainly on water based chemicals and the cleaning technician should be made aware of the allergy. Steps can be taken to ensure that the risk of the allergy sufferer coming into contact with a cleaning chemical is eliminated. The allergy sufferer should not enter the room that has had items cleaned within it for a twenty-four hour period.

Q. Does the room have to be clear?

A. No, but it does help if any breakable items (i.e. China, glassware etc.) are removed from the room including those inside cabinets that will have to be moved. It would also help the technician if small items of furniture are also removed, such as waste paper bins, paper racks etc. The technician will then move the items, clean and put the back in position placing protector pads beneath the item if necessary to prevent staining from loose wood dye or rust from metal studs under the legs transferring onto the carpet.

Q. What system do you use to clean carpets?

A. We use the appropriate system to clean your carpet to achieve an excellent result, safely. Some carpets need to be cleaned using low moisture systems whilst others benefit from a deeper clean.

Q. Do you use steam?

A. The systems that are more popularly used professionally do not use steam in the true sense of the word. The small moisture particles that are sprayed onto the carpet are very fine and give the appearance of steam. There are some units on the market that do produce steam and some models are sold through High Street stores for ceramic tile cleaning etc. They also say that they can be used for carpets and soft furnishings but unless you know exactly what you are doing considerable damage can be done to carpets and fabrics.

Q. I have just bought a steam cleaner can I clean my carpets/upholstery with it?

A. Although these steam machines are often advertised as suitable for cleaning carpets and soft furnishings BE CAREFUL! The twist in a cut pile carpet is heat set and using excessively high heat (steam) can release the twist in the pile giving the carpet a felt like appearance. The use of these units on velvet pile fabrics will result in severe distortion damage.